What Patients Say

Look No Further

5/5 stars

“Dr. Carpenter is like a breath of fresh air in a medical world that is continually changing. He has a natural approach to providing ultimate care and wellness. Carpenter Chiropractic provides you with more than just a spinal adjustment. The good Doctor is available for mental, physical, nutritional and fitness advice and consultations. He also has years of experience providing care for children with special needs.. Our son is currently receiving care for autism/ADHD. If you are looking for a family oriented environment and want to be more than just a name on a manila folder…STOP ON BY!”‎

No More Ibuprofen!

5/5 stars

“I was a mess when I walked into Dr. Carpenter’s practice; extreme neck pain, locked upper back, and nightly headaches that made me take lots of ibuprofen to get to sleep. It took time, but Dr. Carpenter patiently cared for my problems and now a year later my headaches are gone and I have relief from constant pain. Dr. Carpenter is very professional and provides excellent chiropractic care. I highly recommend him.”‎

Pain no more!

4.8 /5 stars

“I spent three years in physical therapy treatment for lower back pain before coming to Dr. Carpenter. For the last nine months I have worked with Dr. Carpenter on a program of chiropractic adjustments and strength exercises. At age 64 my progress is slow but sure. Dr. Carpenter provides expertise on total patient health. He shows a real concern for lifestyle and fitness. I highly recommend his services to anyone with lower back pain and general discomfort due to stress.‎”

Best Chiropractor in Raleigh!

5 /5 stars

“I have had adjustments from several Chiropractors in the Raleigh area and find that Dr Carpenter is like no other. Dr Carpenter’s experience shows in the quality of adjustments Carpenter Chiropractic care provides. I highly recommend him to everyone that wants to benefit from chiropractic care and wellness.”

Family Oriented Chiropractor

5 /5 stars

“My wife and I have been going to Dr. Carpenter for a few years now for various things. Everthing from migraines to back injuries. I wish I could say that we were regular patients but truthfully the daily trials of work, family, and school make it very difficult, but that makes no difference to him. He treats us like we see him everyday and adds no pressure to us to do so.‎”

Dr. Carpenter Gives Compassion & Excellent Care

5 /5 stars

“I had the privilege of working for Dr. Carpenter for almost 5 years and can say, without a doubt, that he is an excellent chiropractor and I would absolutely trust him with my family’s health. Not only does Dr. C give one of the best and most effective adjustments I have ever received, he actually takes time to listen. He genuinely cares about your concerns and takes the time to work with you in overcoming them. When I was struggling to get pregnant he not only addressed issues with my spine, but researched ways to help me improve my nutrition, hormone levels, and stress levels. He was a source of information, encouragement, and compassion. I appreciate Dr. C’s ability to address the root issue of a problem with integrity and proficiency- but you can also count on him for a good laugh or smile if you need one! Now that I am a Mom, I feel grateful to have Dr. C’s expertise regarding my son’s health and wellness. I am thankful for his friendship!‎”

Dr. Mitch worked wonders on my Sciatica pain

5 /5 stars

“At eight months pregnant, I was at my wits end with the pain associated with due to pregnancy. After massages and physical therapy, I finally went to see Dr. Mitch and became a regular for the last weeks of my pregnancy. Not only did Dr. Mitch relieve my sciatica pain he was an awesome motivator to get me through those painful days. Thanks Mitch! I can’t say it enough.‎”

Great Chiropractor for Sports Medicine Clinic

5 /5 stars

“Dr. Carpenter is great. He didn’t treat me like a number but took time to understand exactly what was going on and then put together a holistic plan to get me on top of my game. He keeps up with the latest trends in cutting edge treatments and brings a lot of credibility to table from all his past work with athletes from all over the region including those from NC State.‎”

He relieved my lower back pain

4.8/5 stars

“I was virtually incapacitated due to the pain in my lower back. After working (and continuing to work) with Mitch, I currently have a normal back for someone my age. Mitch is passionate about his work and it shows through in his table-side manner. I highly recommend Mitch first for any discomfort. I appreciate the no pressure environment and I can pick up my grandbaby again! Thanks Mitch!”

Life Changing

5 /5 stars

“I was suffering from extreme headaches when I first met Dr. Carpenter and under his chiropractic care, my headaches were COMPLETELY eliminated! I ended up working with him at his office as an assistant for over 2 years and got to know Dr. C very well as a co-worker and friend. He cares SO much for his patients and has a special place in his heart for children’s care too. He is by far my FAVORITE chiropractor due to his gentle touch & caring demeanor. Anyone having, really ANY sort of problem will benefit from Dr. Carpenter’s chiropractic care! Don’t miss out!‎”

Dr. Mitch changed my life!

5 /5 stars

“I very seldom write reviews but when someone has changed my life I know I must share my story. I have suffered with major back pain for years due to a car accident in 1995. Over the years I have seen many doctors and pain specialists, but none of them ever got to the root of the problem and gave me the relief I sought. Upon my very first visit with Dr. Carpenter, he saw the trauma I was enduring and basically told me this was the end of my search for relief. Dr. Carpenter is warm and caring and takes the time to explain everything and answer questions. I left his office with a boost of energy and absolutely NO PAIN. What a great blessing!!!! I continue to see Dr. Carpenter weekly and for the first time I want to continue to live a fulfilled life. Thank you Dr. Carpenter! You are an amazing chiropractor.‎”

More than Chiropractic

5 /5 stars

“I have been going to Dr. Carpenter (Mitch) for several years, and his adjustments have made a huge positive difference in how I feel. He takes the time to explain the potential reason for any issue you might have and gives recommendations on how you can help yourself. In addition to his adjustments, he has offered great advice on my vitamin intake, diet, and exercise. He truly takes a personal interest in one’s general well-being. I am certain there are many great doctors of chiropractic out there, but I am lucky to have one of the best. You should go have a visit with him.”

Dr. Mitch Carpenter and daughter at Carpenter Chiropractic and Integrated Wellness
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