It’s Your Myofascia! Wait, What Is It?

It’s Your Myofascia! Wait, What Is It?

Today’s society presents a group of folks that relies on each other to accomplish fundamental jobs such as finding food and cooking it, designing and implementing modes of transportation, and creating and building homes for us to reside (jobs that once had to be done by each person). The more that our jobs become specialized, the more we ask our bodies to repetitively perform certain job duties over and over again, begging our muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia to strain their way through each of our actions (yet leaving much of our unused soft-tissue to be left stagnant).

Fascial tissues hold our cells in place and create most of the framework of our structure, comprised of all the structure outside of our cells. Current anatomical studies are also showing that it is unfair to divide our muscles into over 600 different structures when they are really all held together by fascia and act as units working together. Our fascia is constantly remodeling itself all day long based on the amount of stress we put on it. Immobility, inflammation, and micro-injuries can all lead to adhesions during this remodeling process. Research has now shown that our cells actually perform different duties and produce different proteins based on the structure of the fascia around it and how compacted it is. Every cell needs the right amount of stress placed on it. Therefore, it is critical that we combat the repetitive strain dealt to our bodies with nourishing treatments to elongate and restructure our soft-tissue, allowing proper structuring around our cells, proper cell function, proper cell expression, and proper global health of the organ systems (and, therefore, body). Active Release Technique is the perfect way to achieve the loosening and restructuring needed to fulfill this goal–specific tension applied to specific areas of adhesions and tightness in specific muscles and fascia that allows for the proper glide of the tissues over each other. Each one of you has seen the end result of this type of work in the form of decreased pain, a feeling of muscle looseness, improved organ function, and increased daily function.

Keeping your myofascia relaxed and released,
Dr. Mitch


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