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An office visit to your chiropractor may also be what you need. He or she can determine if everything is in proper working order. It may seem an odd combination, skiing and chiropractors, but as the chiropractor has as a specialty, the bone and muscle system, who better to advise you if you’re ready for a major ski trip and if your body will react well to it.

Most chiropractors recommend that you at least work out and get your muscles and body more toned prior to heading out skiing. Work out about a 30 min. for two or three days each week until ski season hits. If you do, you’re going to be stronger and more ready for the major physical activity that skiing throws at your bony.

Bear in mind that your equipment may also be in need of a tune up. Physicians and chiropractors find that many injuries take place because of faulty or poorly fitting equipment, so make sure that you tune up your gear as well as your body before you head out.

Chiropractors are well able to deal with prevention of skiing injuries and to help you to learn how to prevent injuries, but they are also experts in dealing with the injuries that you may incur, as well as the aches and pains that go along with them. Teaching you how to prevent being injured, how to properly warm up your body for physical activity, and how to align it correctly to keep from undue stress and strain on the muscles is part of what Chiropractors do.

Chiropractors also make recommendations to skiers on injury prevention. They recommend that you don’t ski above your ability. More than one new skier will be injured this season. The most common injury for new skiers is known as Skier thumb. In order to prevent this, your chiropractic doctor will instruct you to try to prevent yourself from cushioning your own fall with your hands, and do not use the straps on your ski poles.

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Your chiropractic team encourages you to warm up, to rest well and to make sure that you’re in good physical shape when you head out to the slopes to enjoy that packed powder.

If you’re suffering from neck, back, or arm pain, either before or afterward, stop what you’re doing, rest, and call your local chiropractor.

An interesting footnote: Chiropractors are available for Olympic skiers and snowboarders at every winter Olympics.

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