Chiropractic Care Helps Children With Learning Disorders And Dyslexia

chiropractic care helps children with dyslexia and learning disabilitiesLearning disorders and dyslexia affect between 3 and 10% of all school aged children in this country. Some also suffer from low self esteem, diminished motivation, loss of interest in school and academics and a reduction in social interaction. This is no way for a child to live. Adding drugs to this profile, with their unknown and often harmful side effects, could be catastrophic.

A study published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research (JVSR), suggests that chiropractic care may offer significant benefits to children suffering from learning disabilities and dyslexia.

The research was conducted by Swiss chiropractor Yannick Pauli, DC, president of the Swiss Chiropractic Pediatric Association, who specializes in the care of children suffering from learning and behavioral disorders. After assessing eight previously published studies of more than 155 children, he reported “that the evidence strongly suggests that chiropractic care may help various cognitive abilities that are essential to learning.”

Pauli noted that the same areas of neurological dysfunction that can lead to learning disabilities and interfere with learning can also interfere with life skills, sport activities, and family and peer relationships.

“Learning disorders and dyslexia are increasingly recognized as a neurodevelopmental disorder,” he stated. “Children suffering from those problems have parts of their brain that are not functioning adequately or are even delayed in their development. Among those dysfunctional areas is a small part located at the back of the brain called the cerebellum. The cerebellum plays a vital role in learning. It helps the brain coordinate and integrate the various sensory information, as well as to increase the processing speed of the brain.”

Numerous factors can affect the proper development of the brain, including maternal stress during pregnancy, traumatic birth, poor diet, and sedentary lifestyle.

Chiropractic Alleviates More Than Neck and Back Painchiropractic care helps children with dyslexia and learning disabilities

Pauli stressed that, contrary to popular belief, chiropractic is not restricted to back pain adults. “The only source of constant stimulation to the brain comes from the spine and the postural muscles constantly adjusting to the force of gravity,” he explained. “If the daily physical stresses of life cause misalignments in the spine — called vertebral subluxations by chiropractors — the brain is not adequately stimulated. This can cause problems throughout the body.”

He added that chiropractic adjustments, even when no back problems are evident, can improve the function of the spine and strongly stimulate nerve pathways to the cerebellum and other parts of the brain. “In the case of children, this may, in turn, help brain functions necessary for learning,” he said.

Matthew McCoy, DC, editor of JVSR, commented that “this study is an exciting first step. It shows the beneficial effect of chiropractic care and may offer hope for thousands of suffering children.”

This study is part of a larger effort undertaken by chiropractors to document and assess the potential benefits of chiropractic care in the field of learning disorders and other so-called mental disorders such as ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorders and even autism.

Try Chiropractic Before Medicating Your ChildChoose Chiropractic before medicating your child

A growing number of cases of children with learning disorders are coming to light as more and more parents are concerned about medicating their children and are turning to chiropractic instead. It’s also apparent that many of these children suffer from, what might be considered by parents, unrelated symptoms, such as headaches, low back pain or neck pain. Often the children won’t complain to the parents that they have a headache or pain so the parents can’t make the connection. It’s important to talk to your children and to watch them closely, especially if there is a change in their behavior. Your child might not be able to articulate the problem but they will “act it out.”

JVSR is a peer reviewed scientific journal devoted to subluxation-based chiropractic research, affiliated with the World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA), an international organization representing doctors of chiropractic and promoting the traditional, drug-free and non-invasive form of chiropractic as a means of correcting vertebral subluxations that cause nerve interference.

The bottom line is that Chiropractic adjustments may offer a positive solution to your child’s dyslexia and learning problems without any negative, harmful side effects and will improve the function of his nervous system so he can function better on every level. Call our office today and schedule a free consultation with Dr. Carpenter. You have nothing to lose and your child will benefit from chiropractic care without having to resort to potentially harmful medications.


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